crystalized opium - how to

ive never done opium before i just bought something that is supposed to be opium but its clear crystals that i was told to crush and sprinkle on a bowl… i really dont kno… was i just bunked out or what       

I would think that I would have come across something like that. Since I have never heard of such a thing could you please provide at least one reference so I can take a peek? If you are referring to the UNDOC paper, it does not mention anything like that.

As for high alkaloidal content, the highest content is in Serbian poppies and they rarely exceed 18% morphine content [and their opium is never anything other than brown].

Note on cooking: It is recommended that you use an electric oven for this perpetration method.

20 grams of fine ground pods, stems, &/or leaves fresh or dry
36 ounces of water*
2 shots of lemon juice
Fine metal strainer
Meat thermometer
Sauce pan
Flat bottom glass baking dish

1. Bring water & lemon juice to a simmer 145° is ideal
2. Add ground up plant material to the water
3. Let simmer for 1 hour stirring & checking the temp occasionally
4. At the end of one hour strain out all plant material
5. Run the plant material through the.strainer an additional 3 times then return the liquid to the sauce pan
6. Let simmer for an additional hour
6.5 preheat oven to 145°
7. Strain liquid into the glass baking dish
8. Place in the middle rack of the oven for 8 hours
9. At the end of 8 hours you should have a layer of sticky opium on the bottom of the baking dish. Place the dish back in the oven
10. Turn the oven off while leaving the dish in the oven & let it completely cool…about 2 hours
11. After 2 hours turn the oven back on 145° and let the opium warm back up…this is the step that makes it crystal
12. Watch the opium closely as *the layer starts to get air spots & doesn’t stick to your finger when touched then that means its done
13. Remove the dish from the oven & while it is hot scrape the opium up with a metal spoon
14. Quickly form into ball or square because as it cools it will form into crystals
15. Smoke it! mix with a joint, smoke on top of some marijuana in a bowl, or smoke by itself in a bowl. However don’t touch the flame directly to the opium hover it slightly above for best results. If you have to use a bongmake sure there us no water inside & it is completely dry.

Opium is never clear, pink, or crystalline. When it is exuded it comes out as a white latex the consistency of light cream. With oxidation [at least 12 hours] it will turn brown to black and thicken up considerably. If you treat it, boil it and dry it, you ewill have a 20% lighter material with the consistency of “silly putty” [hence the name “pod putty”].

People mentioned “morphine.” In morphine base the color is dark brown to tan, never white. White morphine is only possible after refining that base so that it would take a concerted effort.

I am glad that many have convinced themselves that is in the realm of possiblity. I can only hope that tyhose of you who believe this will take that as a building block to really explore the substance and find out the truth.